4th Grade

Optional Student Needs List
Welcome to 4th grade!  If possible, it is recommended that your child bring the following items for school use in 4th grade.  This would be very helpful as school supplies can disappear quickly and the summer is a good time for some great deals. 
If possible, each child should have the following:

·     One- 1&½ inch binder with 5 dividers

·     #2 Pencils (mechanical or regular) *Ticonderoga brand is recommended

·     Dry Erase Markers

·     Hand held pencil sharpener with cover for shavings

If you wish, classroom donations for whole class are always welcome:

·     Glue sticks

·     Additional dry erase markers

·     White copy paper

·     Pencils, Ticonderoga brand recommended

·     Kleenex

·     Baby wipes

·     Craft Supplies such as pipe cleaners, pom poms, glitter, play doh, tape

If you have any questions please contact us at school at 951-490-0380, and we will happily return your call.

Sincerely the 4th Grade Team

J. Ramirez, J. Looper, C. Kodat, K. Strathman

Contacting Your Child's Teacher

We look forward to teaching your child and working with you to help your child achieve their fullest potential. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Ms. Ramirez  jramirez@valverde.edu

Ms. Looper  jlooper@valverde.edu

Ms. Kodat  ckodat@valverde.edu

Mr. Strathman  kstrathman@valverde.edu